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Touch Switch Module MDOT-M4/M4+

Technical data

Supply voltage
11-16V DC

Current consumption (normal)

Maximal current consumption

Number of sensor fields


95 mm

95 mm

Depth (incl. PCB)
21 mm

General features

The MDOT-M4 touch panel is a component of the Ampio Smart Home system. Typical functionalities:

  • turning on any device/lighting connected to a smart house system
  • providing information on the state of a device/lighting (on/off)
  • showing sensor data on the LCD display, such as RDS radio station name, time or other data from smart house modules

The device communicates with the system via CAN bus. Its power supply requires voltage in range of 11-16VDC.

Its LCD display, unlike standard displays, provides screen swiping function. There are two options: the first one, MDOT-M4, with two screens, and the second one, MDOT-M4+, with ten screens.

Each screen has two lines for displaying system data. These may include temperature, time, date, RDS information or any other measurements or device settings or data downloaded from the Internet, such as currency exchange rate. The first line, larger, has 11 character capacity; the second, smaller, has 6 character capacity.

The touch switch is equipped with 6 sensor fields; two of them (in the middle) are used for switching through screens, the other may be assigned with any programmable function. Field functionality is programmed separately for each screen. With M4+ option, it means you have 40 fields available. It is also possible to alter each field function, based on the time it’s being pressed down by a user.

User may adjust field brightness and colour with a setup programme to avoid being dazzled at night. The panel has a proximity sensor, thanks to which, when there is no object in front of the panel, the light intensity is set to a predefined value, and after bringing a hand closer to it, it will light up to a higher set value.

The module is also equipped with a buzzer indicating a sensor field has been pressed. User may adjust sound volume and type at their discretion.

The device has a port for connecting the Dallas 18B20 temperature sensor. The sensor data are transmitted to CAN bus and may be used for controlling heating systems, window blinds or any other system peripherals.

LCD screen with three independent sections allows to display many of different pieces of information at the user’s discretion.

It can be for example:

  • sensor data, such as temperature, humidity, pressure etc.
  • RDS radio station name from the MAMP-1s A/V Receiver module
  • time, date or other data from smart house modules


A special guiding plate is used for installing the switch.

Find out how to fix the plate by reviewing the following instruction:
Installation of a guiding plate for the 2, 4, 6, 9-field panel.


The module may be programmed with a special programmer, available for authorised technicians, and the Ampio SmartHome CAN configurator software. This program provides for setting up the module’s response to input signals and other information from the CAN bus.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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