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System remote control module MultiRoom-1s

Technical data

Power supply voltage
12V DC

Current consumption
300 mA

Inputs max. 24V

Relay outputs

Relay outputs max. voltage
250V AC

Relay outputs current consumption

OC outputs

OC outputs max. voltage
40V DC

Technical data cont.

OC outputs current consumption


Power redundancy

MLED control (OWA)

1-Wire DS18B20

RS232 communication connector

Heating control


158 mm
8 spaces/modules in a DB board

65 mm

90 mm

General features

MultiRoom-1s module is a device dedicated to hotel solutions. It is a less expensive solution than MSERV-4s and gives hotel guests the ability of remote control with system via a native application for a tablet or smartphone based on Android or iOS systems. It only requires the use of one MSERV-4s module per floor and one MultiRoom-1s per room.

Temperature control in any room, remote control of devices or of advanced lighting are only few of many functions we can use with the MultiRoom-1s module. The device also gives multiple integration options through IP technology.

The module is fitted with 10 relay outputs with separated contacts so that we can turn on devices of different supply voltages. Outputs are in parametrized form so they can be set into the relay output mode or blinds control function.

The device has fourteen module inputs so it allows to connect buttons or any other devices with potential-free outputs. Also, the first 8 inputs (IN1-IN8) are designed so to use them as voltage measurement inputs within 0-24 V.

6 Dallas DS18B20 temperature sensors can be attached to the MSERV- 4s module (1-Wire input). Temperature measurements can be used in any way, such as, to perform specific activation/disabling operations for pumps, valves, lighting, to show on touch switches with screens or as a measurement to control heating zones.

OC (open-collector) type inputs (OC1-OC4) enable regulation of brightness of known LED reflectors, halogenic reflectors or RGB lighting strips.

The device has 15 control lamps on its cover indicating statuses of relay outputs and OC and CAN-bus line status.

To improve Smart Home system reliability, we fitted MultiRoom-1s with supply redundancy connectors (VIN1, VIN2) to which two power supply units can be connected to supply the bus.

MultiRoom-1s module is also fitted with the communication connector RS232 that allows integration with multiple devices of third-party manufacturers, fitted with a RS232 connector, such as projectors or TVs. In the basic version, interface provides one-way control such as the
basic software for MCON323 03 UNI-ONEWAY.

MLED (OWA) connector offers capabilities of MLED device. As for that device, it allows to connect 16 Ampio LED reflectors or via light source converters of other manufacturers. The bus allows for control of each point independently.

MSERV-4s module also has MRT functions, which is heating control with consideration of time and schedule. In the basic software version, it is 1 zone controller with possible extension to 32 zones. The device propagates real time within CAN network.


The module is to be installed in the electrical switchboard. The device takes space of 9 DIN modules. We recommend installing it on the right side of the switchboard as you need to provide space for a UTP cable which is connected on the right side of the case.

The following cables should be led to the case:

  • CAN transmission cables for Ampio SmartHome system
  • Optionally – cables controlling module inputs
  • Optionally – cables controlling module outputs


The module can be programmed with a special programmer, available to authorised technicians, and the Ampio SmartHome CAN configurator software. This program provides for setting up the module’s response to input signals and other information from the CAN bus.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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