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SLEDu module

Technical data

Power supply voltage
12-40V DC

Max. current consumption
8 A


33 mm

18 mm

14 mm

General features

The SLEDu module is a voltage controller used for controlling DC light sources with a value of 12V or over 12V – no more than 40V*.

The module enables:

  • independent brightness control of each headlight when connected with one 3-wire cable
  • easy integration with the Ampio Smart Home installation,which allows advanced control of lighting, blinds, alarm, and many other devices

The bus is addressable, therefore it is possible to control each light point independently,
and all at once (max 16 on one MLED module) when using only 3-wire** cable.

* To control a light source with a power supply above 12V you need to route an additional – 4 wire cable to separate SLED power supply (12v – SLED power supply, GND – SLED power supply, DATA – communication with the module, e.g. 24V – power for the light source.

** with a receiver powered by 12V.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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