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Setting up cameras in Ampio Smart Home Manager

The first step in setting up security cameras is downloading and installing the ONVIF Device Manager programme from the following website: http://support.ampio.com.pl/odm.ms

Then, you will have to log into the camera. Login details for NOVUS cameras, the example of which we will use in this guide to demonstrate how to set cameras up in Ampio SHM, are: login: root, password: pass.

After clicking “Refresh”, the camera should show on the “Device list”.

The next step is to select the option shown below.

This will give us an almost complete camera URL, in this case rtsp:// All you need to do then, is to add the login and password in the following format: login:password@IP before the IP address. In our example, the complete URL will be:

Keeping the created URL ready, open the Ampio Smart Home Manager app and add a new object, as shown below:

The added object will be appear at the end of the list.

Now, change its name from “New object” to e.g. “Main camera” and then click on “Settings”, where you should select “Camera” from the “Object type” menu.

Now, paste the URL that you created earlier in the URL field and select the “RTSP” Type.

Click “Save”. The last step is to add the created object to a group, as shown below.

All set!

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