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RGB voltage control module MRGBWOC-4s

Technical data

Power supply voltage
11-16V DC

Min. current consumption
30 mA

Max. current consumption
40 mA

Technical data cont.

RGB lights voltage supply
40V DC

Max. control current

Total output current


35 mm
2 spaces/modules in a DB board

65 mm

120 mm

General features

Module MRGBWOC-4s is a component of the Ampio SmartHome system.

MRGBWOC-4s has open collector (OC) outputs, which enable connecting RGBW light modules, e.g. in the form of inserts for halogen luminaires or strips, with a max. supply voltage of 40V DC.

Maximum total current controlling the lights is 8A per channel, while the total output current for the whole device must not be higher than 16A.

Module steering is done via CAN-Bus.

The module allows for achieving interesting light effects, such as installing colour lights in a
swimming pool, exposing sculptures, or highlighting wall texture with any colour.

The device has two connectors: Ampio CAN bus, and RGBW lights output with lighting circuit connected to earth.

There are 5 status LEDs in the front of the module – 4 red and one green.

The green status LED – CAN communication:

  • one regular flash every second – CAN-Bus communication in order
  • two regular flashes every second – the module is not receiving information from other SmartHome modules
  • three regular flashes every second – the module cannot send information to CAN-Bus

The red status LEDs – signaling the status of each lighting circuit.

The bus may be supplied by a stabilised DC pulse/line power supply unit, with rated voltage in the range of 11-16V.

Typical application

  • switching LED RGB lights on,
  • smooth adjustment of LED RGB lights,
  • any changes of the RGB lights’ colours, including an option to programme the colour blending effect


The module can be programmed with a special Ampio programmer, available to authorised installers, and the Ampio SmartHome CAN configurator software. This programme enables setting up the module’s response to output signals and other information from the CAN bus.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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