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RF RGBW-1p radio module for colour lighting

Technical data

Power supply voltage
11-16V DC

Power consumption*
<0,8 W

– over 300m indoors
– over 1km outdoors

No. of control outputs
1 (4-colour RGBW channel)

Technical data cont.

Output load capacity (OUT1…OUT8)

Max. total load

Max. control voltage
40V DC


43,5 mm

40,5 mm

16,5 mm

* Indicated value is the closed-circuit current value, i. e. without set control relays.

General features

The RF RGBW-1p module is a component of the Ampio Smart Home system. It has four power channels for seamless control of colour lighting. Its wireless communication is established by connecting via LoRa interface with MSERV-4s. The module has been designed to be assembled in a standard junction box. Aside from a screw joint, the module is also equipped with a LED indicating its operation condition and a pairing switch, placed in the bottom of a hole in the upper part of the case.

The module is controlled wirelessly via the LoRa interface. Interface may be mounted in MSERV-4s as an option. A separate guide describes how to assemble the interface.

The device is supplied with voltage within range of 11-16VDC. If a light source to be controlled by the device is supplied by voltage within the above range, the module may be supplied by the same source.

A diagram for such connection is provided herein. If the supply voltage of the light source is not within this range, an additional power supply unit is necessary.

We provided the device with state-of-the-art LoRa technology, allowing it to operate within a significantly high range. In developed area and indoors this range exceeds 300 m (it is possible to achieve larger value). In undeveloped area the range may significantly exceed 1 km.

NOTE: We do not recommend using more than 8 wireless LoRa modules per 1 MSERV module. Installing more modules can lead to overloading the wireless network and a system malfunction.

Typical application

  • LED RGBW strip control;
  • LED RGB strip control;
  • White strip control;
  • Control of EGB glow light source supplied with DC voltage


Pairing and preset parameters are established with the Smart Home Manager software (IP). Upon pairing and appropriate configuration, using Smart Home Manager, it is possible to set the device up with the Smart Home Configurator software (CAN).

Detailed description of the wireless module configuration procedure is placed in a separate document related to MSERV-4s server programming procedure.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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