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RF PR-2p relay module

Technical data

Power supply voltage
230V AC

Power consumption*
<0,8 W

– over 300m indoors
– over 1km outdoors

No. of relay outputs

Technical data cont.

Output load capacity (OUT1…OUT8)

Max. switched voltage

No. of inputs


47 mm

47 mm

21 mm

* Indicated value is the closed-circuit current value, i. e. without set control relays.

General features

The RF PR-2p module is a component of the Ampio Smart Home system. It is equipped with two relay outputs and two inputs. It is able to establish wireless cooperation, using its LoRa transmitter, with the MSERV-4s. The module has been adapted to be assembled in a standard junction box. Aside from a screw joint, the module is also equipped with a LED indicating its operation condition and a pairing switch, placed in the bottom of a hole in the upper part of the case.

The module is controlled via LoRa transmitter. It communicates with the MSERV-4s Ampio Smart Home server. The Smart Home Manager software enables adding more wireless modules and programming their behaviour from the server level. Its power supply requires voltage of 230VAC.

The module is equipped with two inputs and two independent outputs. Inputs may be used for e.g. connecting classic lighting switches.

Please note high voltage present in the inputs as they respond to short-circuit to the L conductor, just like in classic lighting switches.

By default, Input 1 alters the state of Output 1 (Input 2 and Output 2 work in the same way), however, it may be customised by the user.

Using state-of-the-art radio module, LoRa, high module range is possible. Larger range indoors). Outdoors, its range exceeds 1 km significantly.

Two outputs enable independent control of two receivers. Each output (OUT1, OUT2) is an independent relay contact, and 230V AC is present at the moment it is put under control.

NOTE: We do not recommend using more than 8 wireless LoRa modules per 1 MSERV module. Installing more modules can lead to overloading the wireless network and a system malfunction.

Typical application

Typical application:

  • lighting system control;
  • drive system control;
  • control of any device with maximum supply voltage not exceeding 230V, and maximum current consumption not exceeding 6A;


The Smart Home Manager software allows to programme the module. This software enables the user to configure MSERV-4s and add wireless modules to the system. Detailed description of the wireless module configuration procedure is placed in a separate document related to MSERV-4s server programming procedure.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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