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MRDN-1s redundancy module

Technical data

Power supply voltage
2 x 11-16V DC

Current consumption
30 mA

Circuit load capacity (OUT1…OUT5)

Technical data cont.

No. of inputs

1-Wire connector


139 mm
8 spaces/modules in a DB board

63 mm

117 mm

General features

The power supply redundancy device is one of the elements of the Ampio Smart Home system, communicating with other devices via CAN bus.

It allows for supplying bus devices with two independent power supply units, thus significantly increasing system reliability. In case a power supply unit fails, the module indicates failure with an acoustic signal, and the bus continues to be supplied by another power source.

The module is equipped with two inputs for failure indication, one per each power supply unit. In case of buffer power supply units, such output allows to transmit the failure signal to the Ampio system, providing information on e.g. damaged battery. Failure information may be displayed by a touch panel or a mobile application.

The device has also a distributor to 5 bus lines and a connector for a resistor responsible for reducing bus capacity influence on transmission quality.

In the front of the module, there are LED indicators providing information on transmission quality as well as power supply and bus circuit status.

Each distributor line is equipped with 1A overload protection, therefore, possible short circuit won’t affect any other line. LED indicators on the device’s body enable easy failure detection and diagnostic.

Light indicators

Green indicator – CAN communication:

  • single flash every second cycle – CAN communication operational
  • two flashes every second cycle – no transmission from other devices received
  • three flashes every second cycle – module unable to transmit information to CAN bus

Red LEDs – status of each circuit:

  • correct voltage in power supply unit no. 1
  • correct voltage in power supply unit no. 2
  • correct voltage in output no. 1*
  • correct voltage in output no. 2*
  • correct voltage in output no. 3*
  • correct voltage in output no. 4*
  • correct voltage in output no. 5*

*If any LED in specific section is off, it means the power line is short circuited or overloaded by more than 1A.

Sound indicators

In case any power input signals voltage below 11V, the device indicates failure by emitting short sounds with 2-second pauses in-between.

Power supply

The bus may be supplied by a stabilised DC pulse/line power supply unit, with rated voltage in the range of 11-16V. This range is applicable for all bus devices. It is recommended to use power supply units with identical rated voltage.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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