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MKNX-1s module

Technical data

Power supply voltage
11-16V DC

Current consumption
45 mA

Communication connector

Dali bus power supply voltage
15-20V DC


35 mm
2 spaces/modules in a DB board

65 mm

120 mm

General features

MKNX-1s of the Ampio Smart Home family is an integration interface for the KNX devices. It forms a connection between two buses. The device should be installed on a DIN rail.

The KNX system is one of the first building equipment management systems in the world. Currently, this platform includes more than 400 equipment manufacturers. Many buildings in Europe are based on this technology.

Our device allows for connection of the Ampio bus to the KNX network.
It is a two-way communication interface, enabling control of the KNX devices via the Ampio Smart Home devices and vice versa. This interface is a translation module which convers information in one standard to another, both ways.

The device is equipped with two connectors: Ampio CAN bus and KNX.
There are two LED indicators, green and red, in the face of the module.


Before programming the MKNX-1s module, configuration of the KNX devices in the ETS programme is required. Programming of the module is carried out using a special programmer available for authorized installers and the Ampio SmartHome CAN configurator program. Thanks to this, it is possible to assign addresses to each ending and change their numbering and setting parameters specific to each from luminaires and their grouping.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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