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MIN-11p input module

Technical data

Supply voltage
11-16V DC

Current consumption (normal)

Maximal current consumption

Number of inputs

Number of LED outputs

up to 6 sensors


37 mm

40 mm

Depth (incl. PCB)
15 mm

General features

Module MIN-11p is a component of the Ampio Smart Home system and can be used for:

  • connecting classic lighting switches or other devices
  • connecting 3rd party devices with potential-free outputs, indicating specific events to the system, such as PIR sensors, home weather stations, alarm panels etc.
  • indicating state of any device connected to the system, such as light switch indicators (informing the light has been turned on), by connecting suitable LED indicators

The module is controlled via CAN-Bus. Required voltage to power the module is 11-16V DC.

Thanks to the module dimensions, it can be fixed in a standard junction box with 60mm diameter.

The device is equipped with two 12-wire tapes with the IDC12 plug for inputs and outputs.

Eleven device inputs shorted to power plus enable connecting eg. classic lighting switches, different sensors or 3rd party devices.

Eleven outputs provide option to connect LED indicators ,that can inform about any device state, or a relay coil, via a simple transistor system with a protection diode.

The module provides an option to connect up to 6 Dallas DS18B20 temperature sensors. Temperature measurements may be used for any purpose, such as heating control, turning on DHW circulation pumps, or shown in touch panels with displays or mobile applications.

The module is equipped with a light indicator that provides information about connection status.

  • one regular flash every second – CAN-Bus communication in order
  • two regular flashes every second – the module is not receiving information from other SmartHome modules
  • three regular flashes every second – the module cannot send information to CAN-Bus


The module can be programmed with a special programmer, available to authorised technicians, and the Ampio SmartHome CAN configurator software. This program provides for setting up the module’s response to input signals and other information from the CAN bus.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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