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Measuring module MSENS-2

Technical data

Power supply voltage
11-16V DC

Current consumption
10 mA

1-Wire connector


60 mm

60 mm

10 mm

General features

MSENS-2 is an independent bus device, being a part of the Ampio Smart Home system, to be connected to the CAN-Bus network.

The module is able to measure the following values:

  • temperature (°C)
  • humidity (%)
  • pressure (hPa)
  • air quality (IAQ)
  • illuminance (lux)
  • sound intensity (dB)

Besides, it has an IR transmitter/receiver and sends a message in case permissible levels are exceeded.

The module is equipped with a glass case to be mounted on the wall. It is available in two colours, black and white. This makes it visually attractive, and its design matches the Ampio Smart Home touch panel family. The glass has been treated with a subtle engraving making it possible for the IR transmitter signal to pass through.

Typical application

  • heating system control;
  • window opening control or recuperation control;
  • measurement preview in the LCD display of the MDOT module or in a mobile application

The module has the function of remembering IR codes, which allows it to, e.g. control the TV. Additionally, the Ampio system can be controlled via a remote control (only remote controls that use the NEC transmission format), so one can e.g. switch on the lights by pressing a button on the remote pointed in the MSENS-2’s direction.


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Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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