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MDIM-1p dimmer module

Technical data

Supply voltage
9-16V DC

Current consumption (normal)

Number of adjustable outputs

Maximum power output

Number of module inputs

1-Wire connector
Yes, up to 6 sensors


47 mm

47 mm

20 mm

General features

MDIM-1p module is a component of the Ampio Smart Home system.

It is equipped in one infinitely adjustable output 0-230VAC, two inputs shorted to ground, and allows for connecting up to six 1-Wire sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity etc.). This model has short-circuit protection and allows for power measurement. Two LED indicators are placed in the front of the module. Green LED indicator provides information about CAN bus communication:

  • single flash every second cycle – CAN communication operational
  • two flashes every second cycle – no information from other modules received
  • three flashes every second cycle – module cannot transmit information to CAN bus

Other red LED indicators specify condition of module outputs:

  • LED indicator on – output relay contact connected
  • LED indicator off – output relay contacts disconnected

Typical application

  • turning on lighting fixtures
  • seamless adjustment of lighting
  • seamless power adjustment in devices with maximum output no more than 300W
  • connection of digital sensors (e.g. DS18B20 temperature sensor) compatible with Dallas 1-Wire bus

The module is controlled via CAN bus. Its power supply requires 9-16VDC. Smooth control of receiver power supply is available. Using MOSFET transistors in the OUT connector can provide the possibility of seamless voltage adjustment within range of 0-230VAC, avoiding excessive heat generation.

The module enables interesting light effects, such as smooth brightening and dimming of lamps at the access road to a garage or a garden or at the swimming pool.


The module can be programmed with the Ampio System Configurator available to authorised technicians. This software allows for setting up the module’s response to input signals and other information from the CAN bus.

Module dimensions

Dimensions are expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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