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LED lights controller MLED-1p

Technical data

Maximum no. of connected lights

Power supply voltage
11-16V DC

Energy consumption*
20 mA

Technical data cont.

No. of inputs

1-Wire connector


40,5 mm

43,5 mm

16,5 mm

*only if the MLEDp-1 module is linked to a SmartHome installation

General features

LED lights controller MLED-1p Module description Module MLED-1p is used as a digital controller of Ampio’s LED 3W lights. It grants control over up to 16 LED lights and fulfils the following functions:

  • switching all LED lights on and off
  • switching selected LED lights or particular groups on and off
  • smooth brightness adjustment of all, or selected LED lights
  • measurement of temperature and other parameters thanks to sensors that cooperate with the 1-Wire connector
  • thanks to small energy consumption, it can provide emergency lights
  • easy integration with Ampio SmartHome installation, which facilitates advanced control options for lights, roller blinds, alarm, and many other devices

Module dimensions allow it to be installed in a standard flush-mounted electrical box. The module can also work independently with the LED lights and their power supply, or with Ampio SmartHome installation (additionally required – connecting CAN High and CAN
L). That gives an option to control LED lights remotely with the use of other SmartHome components.

DATA connector is used to communicate with particular LED lights. With such a connection, it is also possible to control the brightness of each module, or all of them together.

As an additional option, temperature sensor can be added to the module via 1-Wire connector. Temperature data collected where the module is placed will be sent to the CAN bus, and on the basis of the data events for the other system modules can be configured (e.g. closing the roller blinds when temperature exceeds a predefined value*)

*only if the MLEDp-1 module is linked to a SmartHome installation

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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