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LED 50 3W light bulb

Technical data

LED diodes

Power supply voltage
12V DC

Current consumption
250 mA


Number of diodes

Technical data cont.

min. 50000 hours

Light colour
Warm white

Light angle

Luminous flux
240lm, 270lm


50 mm

35 mm

General features

Ampio LED light bulb is a modern alternative to traditional halogen light bulbs. It fits in a standard light luminaire with inner diameter of 50 mm. Therefore, it makes it easy to upgrade an existing halogen installation in order to reduce energy consumption while keeping a warm white light colour.

  • 3 modern LED CREE diodes
  • up to 95% energy saving thanks to the use of LED
  • warm white colour (2700K, 2900K, 3000K), depending on the module
  • 3W power equivalent to 30W of a regular light bulb
  • high luminous flux (270lm)
  • long lifespan 50000h
  • independent control of each diode’s brightness while using one 3-thread wire (option)
  • easy integration with Ampio Smart Home system, which allows for advanced control of lighting, roller blinds, alarm systems and many other devices

DATA connector is used to communicate with LED lights and to optionally connect controls that enable independent control of each LED module. With such a connection, it is possible to control the brightness of each module or all of them together.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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