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Input module MIN-16s

Technical data

Supply voltage
11-16V DC

Current consumption (normal)

Maximal current consumption

Number of inputs

up to 6 sensors


87,6 mm
5 spaces/modules in a DB board

120 mm

Depth (incl. PCB)
65,4 mm

General features

The MIN-16s input module is a component of the Ampio Smart Home system and can be used for:

  • connecting standard lighting switches or other devices
  • connecting 3rd party devices to inform the smart home system about a specific event (PIR sensors, weather stations, etc. )

The module is controlled via the CAN-Bus. The module requires 11-16V DC to be powered.

Sixteen inputs of the device allow to connect e.g. classic lighting switches, sensors of various types or 3rd party devices.

Optionally, up to 6 Dallas 18B20 temperature sensors can be connected to the module. Temperature data at the module location will be sent to the CAN bus and on their basis we can define a specific event for other system modules (e. g. lowering the roller blinds when the temperature exceeds the set value).

The module is equipped with light indicator that provides information about connection status.

  • one regular flash every second – CAN-Bus communication in order
  • two regular flashes every second – the module is not receiving information from other SmartHome modules
  • three regular flashes every second – the module cannot send information to CAN-Bus


Programming of the module is carried out using a special programmer available for authorized installers and the Ampio SmartHome CAN configurator. It allows to configure how the module should respond to the inputs and signals from the CAN bus.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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