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Heating control modules MRT-1s, MRT-4s, MRT-8s, MRT-16s, MRT-32s

Technical data

Supply voltage
11-16V DC

Energy consumption


52,6 mm
3 spaces/modules in a DB board

65 mm

Depth (incl. PCB)
100 mm

General features

Module MRT-1 (4s/8s/16s/32s) is a component of the Ampio SmartHome system, and is used to:

  • regulate temperature of underfloor heating or central heating furnace

Temperature sensors placed in particular rooms measure the current temperature. They can be linked to different modules, e.g. MREL-2p etc., or placed in sensor switches modules (MDOT family modules). The temperature data is received by MRT-1s heating control module (4s/8s/16s/32s) through CAN bus.

Temperature to be set in specific rooms is determined on the basis of data from the temperature sensors, time of the day and other requirements specified by the customer. This information is then sent to the executive model, e.g. MPR, MINOC, or MOC, connected to underfloor heating, or CO solenoid valves.

Depending on customer’s needs, the following modules are available:

  • MRT-1s – module supporting one heating area,
  • MRT-4s – module supporting four heating areas,
  • MRT-8s – module supporting eight heating areas,
  • MRT-16s – module supporting sixteen heating areas,
  • MRT-32s – module supporting thirty two heating areas.


The module may be programmed with a special programmer, available to authorised technicians, and the Ampio SmartHome CAN configurator software. This program provides for setting up the module’s response to input signals and other information from the CAN bus.

Module dimensions

Dimensions expressed in mm.

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Connection diagram

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