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DALI integration

Available for the Ampio Smart Home configurator version 3.5


Ampio system is able to integrate with the DALI system through the M-CON-DALI-s module.

A user can connect up to 64 lamps and link them in groups.

To control DALI lamps, an installer has to connect M-CON-DALI-s to the CAN network, power on DALI lamps, and connect the DALI connector to M-CON-DALI-s.

In the Ampio configurator, after opening the Device Monitor from the menu on the right, a user can enter device names for each of the lamps in the installation.

CAN configurator

Device parameters

As it is the case with every module in the Ampio system, a user can create control conditions for the device in the Device configurator.

In the Device Parameters, a user can group lamps, check if they are working correctly, set group numbers, and search for new lamps.

In the first tab – General – you can tick or untick the box to check the status of each lamp regularly, as shown below.

The next tab is used to test DALI functions. It is possible to select the following options to send them specific DALI commands (operate on):

  • one lamp
  • group of lamps
  • all lamps

In the third tab, a user can search for new lamps with 3 methods as listed in the drop-down list under Luminaires Search, shown in the picture below.

A full search will delete all numbers that have been already set up.

By accessing the Parameters in the configurator’s main menu, a user can check which functions are supported by the specific lamp. It is here, where you can set up parameters, such as fade time, or max/min level of brightness, etc. If a function is described as “BŁĄD 02”, it means that this function is not supported.

The last tab of the Device Parameters is used to connect lamps to a specific group. You can select groups numbered from 0 to 15 and name the groups.

Ampio Smart Home Manager

In order to enable control of the DALI lamps via the Ampio mobile application, an installer needs to add specific objects in the Smart Home Manager.

The first step is to open the Ampio Smart Home Manager with M-CON-DALI-s connected to the local network and log in.

Then, enter Objects from the side menu on the left and Add a new object.

Select the DALI module from the list in the Device column, add a Description and click on the Settings button.

From the Object Type drop-down menu, select the Slider option and click on Advanced.

In order to check the status of a specific group, a user needs to select exactly which lamps will be queried for data. It can be set in the Interpretation field shown in the picture above.

In the Advanced tab, a user can choose if one lamp is controlled or the whole, selected group. Own value range can also be specified.

After setting up the parameters, the object needs to be ticked on the list in the Grouping option of the menu on the left, to be visible in the mobile app.

All set!

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