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Automatic disconnection of an iron

This installer guide presents a method to automate switching off of an iron after 5 minutes of no activity.

Select the device that controls the iron’s power supply (here: SERVER) and click on the Device Configuration:

From the Device Configuration menu, select the actuating module (SERVER) and add a condition to the device:

Tick the input to which a sensor is connected (in this case, inp1). Set the condition to a Basic function and accept:

Next, tick the output to which the iron is plugged in. Select “Temporary” in the Function drop-down menu. Then, select “Set”, change the delay time to 5 minutes (300) and confirm:

On the list of conditions, you should notice a new condition. In order to finalise the proces, click “Send to device”.

Thanks to this configuration, if an iron is not used for more than 5 minutes, its power supply will be cut off automatically. Each signal from the sensor will restart the clock.

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